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"From 10 July through 19 August, 8th Marines deployed to Twenty-nine Palms, California in order to conduct Integrated Training Exercise (ITX) 5-17.  During the exercise, 8th Marines served as the Command Element for Marine Air-Ground Task Force 8 (MAGTF-8), a team comprised of 20 separate units from each of the three Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEF) in the Marine Corps.  In less than 10 days, MAGTF-8 received over 4,000 Marines, Sailors, civilians and military working dogs, integrating every capability within the MAGTF.  MAGTF-8 conducted numerous live-fire events, military operations on urban terrain, and combined arms training with armored vehicles, artillery, and close air support working in close concert toward a common goal.  Immediately following ITX, 8th Marines served as the Ground Combat Element (GCE) in support of Large Scale Exercise 2017 (LSE 17).  LSE 17, headquartered by the 2d Marine Division headquarters, assessed II Marine Expeditionary Force's ability to integrate aviation, ground, and logistics elements and conduct conventional operations against a near-peer enemy.  Overall, every Marine and Sailor from 8th Marines contributed towards improving our ability to perform across the range of military operations.  You should be extremely proud of your husband, wife, father, mother, daughter, or son.  I am. 


Beginning at 1630 on 1 September, Marines and Sailors will enjoy a well-deserved 96-hour liberty period.  Each member of the 8th Marines’ team plays an important role and it is absolutely necessary that every Marine and Sailor return at 0730 on 6 September.  Please help me ensure every Marine and sailor enjoys their time off and is ready to come back to work healthy and ready.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Over the coming weeks, Marines and Sailors from 8th Marines will form the command element of Task Force Southwest, Rotation 2, a team tasked with training, advising and assisting elements of the Afghan National Army and Police.  During this time of transition, the 8th Marine Regiment Family Readiness Officer, Military Family & Life Counselor, and Chaplain will remain fully engaged with the families of 8th Marines, continuing to serve as an arch of support and source of information for all involved.  Do not hesitate to contact the 8th Marines Family Readiness Officer if you have any questions about our upcoming training or operations."


Colonel John Armellino

Commanding Officer, 8th Marine Regiment

family readiness contacts

Family Deployment Readiness Coordinator    Marine Family Life Counselor   

Mark Seymon                                                  Amanda Harrington

Office: (910) 451-4962                                    Office: (910)-650-4108

Cell: (910) 554-1826

8th Marine Regiment Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator / Victim Advocate:

1stLt Anton Rudd
Bldg 121

Sgt Hughes
Bldg WC 100

P: 910-750-5852
prevention specialist

Amanda Bragg, MSW

Prevention Specialist

Embedded Preventative Behavioral Health Capability (EBHPC)

8th Marine Regiment, 2d Marine Division



Ms. Amanda Bragg is a Prevention Specialist for 8th Marine Regiment.  She worked in the Behavioral Health field for over 7 years at MCB, Camp Lejeune.  Prevention Specialists are part of the Embedded Preventative Behavioral Health Capability (EPBHC).  As a prevention specialist she works closely with commanders and the command to develop courses of action to enhance resiliency and mitigate risk factors that degrade the wellness of Marines and Sailors and their families. 

She serves as a central point of contact concerning Behavioral Health prevention initiatives, conducts prevention education, and implements tasks and training consistent with the command's Behavioral Health strategic plan.

She is honored to be working with Marines and Sailors and families of 8th Marine Regiment.



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