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8th Marine Regiment


8th Marine Regiment

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Leadership Philosophy & Command Methodology



The 8th Marines "Workhorse" Regiment

Leadership Philosophy & Command Methodology


Commander’s Intent: As America’s Shock Troops, the Marine Corps fills the gap between Special Operations and Heavy Land Forces by providing immediate response to crisis or contingency – We must be the most ready when the Nation is the least ready. Our two enduring priority objectives are (1) Prepare the Regiment to fight and (2) Prepare to fight as a Regiment. We will accomplish these objectives through leadership and command ensuring every Marine and Sailor understands our mission; knows their role; and believes they add value to this unit.

Leadership: Leadership is the art of empowering individuals by inspiring their will to excel beyond their own perceived performance limitations.

➢ We will not rely on a culture of heroics, rather we will motivate Marines and Sailors to perform their basic tasks routinely well – That is how we will measure success.

➢ Mastery of the basics is achieved through the supervised repetition of clearly defined performance standards through a talk, chalk, crawl, walk, run progression; refined by brutally honest assessments and feedback; reinforced by deliberate remediation measures.

➢ We must accelerate the personal and professional maturity of Marines and Sailors by developing their reaction control skills, ability to assess risk and make effective decisions.

➢ Ultimately, when we lead from purpose and not from fear we are empowered to do what is best and not what merely looks right (for ourselves, our Marines and Sailors, and our unit).

Command: Command is the science that seeks to integrate and synchronize the application of warfighting skills through directed action that is assessed by continuous feedback.

➢ Operationalize all activities and reduce the distinctions between how we conduct operations abroad and how we develop proficiency at home – We must strive for consistency across our Warfighting Functions, battle rhythm, planning, and decision-making processes.

➢ Individual readiness is both a mindset and a deliberate act of achieving spiritual, personal, professional, physical, and financial balance within our lives.

➢ Organizational readiness is the rate of return we achieve through the expenditure of resources expressed through our ability to accomplish assigned Mission Essential Tasks.

➢ Effective organizations maximize communication; emphasize cooperation; conduct coordination; leverage collaboration; and exercise consideration.

Role of the Commander: What you should expect from all those who possess command authority and responsibility - These tasks facilitate the performance of effective operations.

➢ Provide clear, concise, and complete vision, guidance and intent in order to achieve unity of effort, maintain organizational cohesion, and empower individual initiative.

➢ Preserve tactical tempo and operational speed through inspirational presence and decisive direction during complex actions or critical transition points.

➢ Prioritize contingency planning through categorization of risk to mission, force, or resources.

➢ Resource and support subordinate commanders relative to the complexity or importance of assigned tasks.

Expectations: What commanders expect from Marines and Sailors who add value to the team.

➢ Marines and Sailors do not lie, cheat, or steal.

➢ Marines and Sailors do not bully, belittle, bad-mouth, or backstab.

➢ Marines and Sailors are disciplined warrior-athletes dedicated to their profession.

➢ Marines and Sailors are physically fit, resilient, tactically sound, and technically proficient.

➢ Marines and Sailors inspire trust and confidence amongst seniors, peers, and subordinates.

➢ Concerned leaders know their Marines and Sailors as well as they know themselves.

➢ Committed leaders positively and productively influence the "Un-Governed 59."

➢ Team builders do not use I, me or mine, instead they use us, we, and our.

➢ Ultimately, be proud of yourself and be proud to be a United States Marine or Sailor.




 The 8th Marines “Workhorse” Regiment

Command Policy Statement


A policy is a rule or set of principles that inform attitudes and influence behavior ensuring achievement of our organizational objectives is consistent with our organizational values.  Policies describe desired expectations; define acceptable conduct; and prescribe required action due to non-compliance.


Our two enduring priority objectives are: (1) Prepare the Regiment to fight and (2) Prepare to fight as a Regiment.  To satisfy our objectives we must embrace the values of Dignity, Honor, and Respect that promote competence, confidence, and trust.  These values will be embodied by all Marines and Sailors within 8th Marines and they apply both in the real world and the internet.  What must be fully understood by all Marines and Sailors within 8th Marines is that we will treat each other with Dignity, Honor, and Respect at all times.  Our values are defined here to ensure all Marines and Sailors share a common and complete understanding:


(1) Dignity – A state or quality of being worthy or valued by one’s self or by another.

(2) Honor – The act of demonstrating courtesy or holding another in high regard.

(3) Respect – Professional consideration towards another in language and deportment.


Our values are simple to understand and require personal and professional maturity to live by.  We will uphold our values by applying the following ten principles:


(1) All Marines and Sailors will be valued by their seniors, peers, and subordinates.

(2) All Marines and Sailors will protect each other’s dignity.

(3) All Marines and Sailors will treat each other with honor and respect.

(4) All Marines and Sailors will immediately intervene when they observe someone not being treated with dignity, honor or respect.

(5) All Marines and Sailors will be afforded opportunities for professional growth regardless of age, color, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

(6) As professional Warrior Athletes, all Marines and Sailors will pursue and promote the importance of a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy spirit.

(7) All Marines and Sailors will learn how to properly assess risk; apply effective reaction control skills; exercise prudent judgment; and make sound decisions within their personal and professional lives.

(8) All Marines and Sailors will learn how to effectively cope with anxiety and stress recognizing the difference between life’s minor challenges and real crises while understanding that it is okay to ask for help.

(9) All Marines and Sailors will help a fellow Marine or Sailor in need - We take care of our own.

(10) All Marines and Sailors may always seek assistance through their chain of command or support network, to include family, friends, Force Fitness Instructors, Family Readiness Officers, Prevention Specialists, MCCS Community Counselors, Military and Family Life Counselors, Chaplains, Substance Abuse Counselors, Medical Officers, Psychologists, or Psychiatrists.


Marines and Sailors are Warriors responsible for supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  As such, we live by the Code of the American Warrior – “If Not Me, Then Who?”  It is without question that every Marine and Sailor within 8th Marines is valued for their daily contributions and sacrifices defending this Nation.  We need you to be the most ready when the Nation is the least ready, every day.